7 Major Wedding Trends For 2022 If You’d Like To Get Hitched In Style

7 Major Wedding Trends For 2022 If You’d Like To Get Hitched In Style

Wedding trends evolve through the years, and 2022 is already poised to continue the pattern. Within the sweeping change, some trends have landed on the scene while others have exited. However, all in all, the 2022 wedding atmosphere promises to be a whole lot of fun. Perhaps, this is because after the restrictive movements that surrounded 2020 and 2021, this year seems to be the moment the doors flung open and about-to-weds are capitalizing on it.

From unique wedding dress styles to creatively-themed venues, and even ultra-customized menus, there are a number of major changes coming to the global wedding culture in 2022, and in the bid to customize her wedding to the very last detail, a 2022 bride may not realize that she’s actually jumping on the biggest wedding trend of the season. Simply put, this year has proven to be the reign of thinking outside the box.

For starters, with the rise of technology and social media, couples now opt for online invitations where they can add digital touches such as Geofilters to invite, easily track their RSVP list or link their social media accounts to their wedding site so that guests can stay updated on every move they make leading up to their big day.

But there’s more. Here are 7 major wedding trends we’re seeing in 2022…

#1. Outdoor weddings

Photo: Agung Pandit Wiguna | Pexels

This year, more and more couples are opting to tie the knot in the open air. While a good number are favoring rented open-air spaces, others are turning to their backyards to say “I do.” In the latter case, couples are deciding this trend is both sentimental and financially smart, two important factors when it comes to planning a wedding.

But if we look away from that, we can all agree that an open-air wedding gives a pretty unique experience that adds to a wedding vibe. Whether it’s a ranch, beach, or a plain ol’ backyard, the backdrop is perfect for both your photographs and memories. Plus, if you plan your dates correctly, the weather will also be on your side.

#2. Unique rings

Photo: axecop | Pexels

Individuality is dominating the scene this year given the number of lovebirds that are seizing every opportunity to add a personal touch to traditional things. One of such is the classic engagement rings and wedding bands that are getting an upgrade. Unique (and once ignored) gemstones like Alexandrites and opals are claiming a spot on fingers where diamonds once dominated. This doesn’t mean that diamonds are out, definitely not! It just means that there’s now room for other lovely gemstones.

In addition, we’re witnessing a craze for interesting designs like toi et moi rings, thanks to actress Megan Fox and her beau Machine Gun Kelly. Plain wedding bands are also getting a facelift with sentimental inscriptions adorned on them. Individuality is certainly the 2022 way.

#3. Super bright colors

Photo: Asad Photo Maldives | Pexels

All things bright and beautiful are having a moment in 2022 wedding trends. No more subtle tones or neutral shades…everything is bold and shiny. Think venue decor, guests’ outfits, table-top adornments, menu cards, and bridal accessories!

#4. Bouquet preservation

Photo: Posy Patou

Another wedding trend for 2022 that adds to the sentimental theme is bouquet preservation. In the past years, couples have been ditching the traditional bouquet and garter toss, and instead using that segment of their reception for more “personal” things. So, what’s been happening to the bouquet if brides aren’t tossing them? Well, many are getting the forever treatment via preservation.

Brands like POSY PATOU and Grace Killen are in the business of breathing new life into a wedding bouquet by framing or painting them.

#5. Vegan menus


More people are ditching animal products in a bid to live healthier. Couples are also beginning to show more empathy as they tend to cater to the needs of their guests even though they themselves might not be vegan. The best part about a vegan wedding menu is that it can also be enjoyed by non-vegans.

#6. Floral crowns

Photo: Casal Souza Ph | Pexels

There is no doubt that accessories make or break any look and of all the bridal accessories out there, the headpiece is definitely the exclamation point! It is the wow factor that makes a bride pop as she makes her first appearance. Floral crowns made major appearances on several SS20 runway shows during New York, London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks, indicating their popularity in the spring following. That happened, but what many didn’t envision was how well the trend will hold up even in 2022.

Floral crowns/tiaras have been a symbol of love, fertility, and celebration throughout history and around the world making it one of the wedding trends any bride-to-be should consider. Want to look eternally ageless on your wedding day? Try a floral bridal crown!

#7. Versatile wedding dresses

Photo: dr_x_primetime/Instagram

These days, many brides are opting for versatile wedding dresses seeing as they would rather wear a dress they can re-rock some other time. Wedding designers have also caught up with this trend and are making dresses for the bride who does not want to look too bridal or the bride who wants something flexible. The great thing about having a versatile wedding dress made for you is that you can customize any of the traditional wedding dress silhouettes into a dress that can be worn for any special event.

In addition to versatility, there’s also a craze for unique dresses such as the latest LWD (Little White Dress) and oddities. Yes, wedding gowns are getting shorter, sharper, and quirkier.

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