7 Dazzling Jewelry From Starry Cradles To Spice Up Your Love Life

7 Dazzling Jewelry From Starry Cradles To Spice Up Your Love Life


mong the numerous birthplaces of happiness, one that places its hold on the chambers of our hearts is to love and be loved. Perhaps, you’re about to bend the knee and ask the love of your life to spend forever with you, or you’re in search of a gift to appreciate your partner or something special for yourself, the right piece of jewelry is just the answer in every instance. However, it all boils down to how well the jewelry you select best communicates the love you hold in your heart––whether for yourself or a special someone. This, my dear, is the ultimate motive behind any form of gift-giving.

If you’re in search of a catalog of love-inspired affordable jewelry, Starry Cradles should be on your must-explore list. No jokes, the brand must have cut an exclusive deal with cupid because there’s no other way it boasts such a slew of adorable jewelry that speaks to my heart all at once. From a ring to promise forever and a day to an earring to say “I’m thinking of you, my special one,” there’s beauty in Starry Cradles’ custom jewelry line that would definitely concur with Rupi Kaur’s words: “You might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all others irrelevant.”

The custom birthstone jewelry trend

Jewelry has become a necessary fashion item for many, if not everyone. It’s arguably one of the most valued personal ornaments admired by individuals as a style statement. The right type of jewelry can turn a great look into an incredible look, or as fashion insiders call it—the “wow factor.” Among the top trends, playing the sentimental card is birthstone jewelry that offers individuals the luxury of owning pieces clad with gemstones of their birth month. For the uninitiated, every month of the year is represented by one or more gemstones––a  practice that dates back to ancient times. For instance, those born in June are fortunate to have Pearls and Alexandrite as their birthstones. Meanwhile, February babies are blessed with the purple hue of Amethysts.

The birthstone jewelry trend has enjoyed quite the attention in recent years, as individuals begin to identify with gemstones associated with their birth months. It’s the best definition of a love gift that you can enjoy every day which also adds to your slay factor. Simply put, these sentimental gifts tick all the right boxes.

Why jewelry from Starry Cradles?

There’s a sense of exclusivity that emanates from wearing custom-made jewelry—the kind that puts a spring to a stride and a square to the shoulders. The best part is knowing these pieces won’t run your account to the ground, sitting hopelessly in the corners of Love Street, and that’s exactly what Starry Cradles offers.

If you’re still looking for a nudging sign to resonate with you, the brand believes the customer knows best––a trait that’s nearly extinct in a world where poor customer service is becoming the order of the day. It’s also remarkable that Starry Cradles values the needs of its customers to the point of letting them customize affordable yet high-quality jewelry. Definitely a keeper!

The Starry Cradles website is bursting with a tasteful representation of jewelry, flaunting unique gemstones like Moonstone, Alexandrite, White Topaz––you name it! Little wonder why the brand prides itself as: “the place where stars are being born.” It’s only thoughtful to take a step further and purchase jewelry that has been incubated and birthed in its finest state. The best part is: you get the chance to be involved in the creation process of these refined gems.

Giving back? Yes, please!

Starry Cradles takes a chance to assist the less fortunate around the world. This is done through initiatives that involve providing education to children in need. Clearly, a reason why the famous saying; “one only becomes great with the support of others,” resonates with the brand. This is also a way to show gratitude to their customers’ steadfastness over the years, from inception till date.

An equally exciting part for customers around the world is that they can keep an eye out for one-of-a-kind promotions and also personal give-away products. We all love when our favorite brands pull the give-away card. Awesome!

Check out 7 of my favorite jewelry finds on Starry Cradles to spruce up your summer style and relationships…

#1. The Alexandrite ring


If the goal is a subtle announcement of sophistication, you’ve found the perfect ring for the job. The thin gold band contrasts mildly with the rich blend of Alexandrite and White Zircon stone. Who knows, she might say YES to the ring before her King. Don’t get jealous though, you are still the love of her life.

#2. Twig Opal ring

They say a single twig breaks, but a band made of gold twigs from Starry Cradles is the apt halo for her finger that will stand the test of time. What’s more, if she’s an October baby, this will hit hard as the gemstone is the birthstone for October.

#3. The unique engagement ring set 


Named after Orion, which is one of the most conspicuous constellations in the night sky, it’s safe to see what you signed up for. The black stones give off a unique and edgy vibe. If beating normal is your style, opt for this ring for a statement-making move.

#4. The White Opal ring


Aside from the soothing energy of the gem, I’m pretty sure your girl would voluntarily ring the Starry Cradles store to shower praises for a simple yet stunning assignment well understood. I’m with her on that one. The exquisite ring features the White Opal as the main stone, and White Zircon strategically placed on the side for a worthwhile shine.

#5. Amethyst stud earrings

The soft violet shade of this Amethyst earring is a representation of royalty. When you know that one of the world’s treasured gemstones is resting in the bosom of your earlobe, it’s almost impossible not to flaunt it. Plus, a February baby will appreciate her birthstone on her new-favorite earrings.

#6. The Starry Cradles Moonstone ring


The Moonstone is a traditional engagement ring thanks to its romantic symbols across cultures and, of course, the sublime glow it brings. If you want to hear “congratulations, that’s a beautiful ring” from everyone, strangers inclusive, don’t snooze on this ring.

#7. Red Ruby Crown studs


July girls have finally found the perfect birthstone earrings, thanks to Starry Cradles. The ubiquitous plain studs would be jealous of this Starry Cradles Ruby stud. No doubt, it’s the right accessory to elevate an otherwise regular look. When you tell her to get ready for dinner tonight, this is the earring that I envision would be the exclamation mark of her entire look.

Is Starry Cradles jewelry available in my region?

As a highly personalized jewelry store, Starry Cradles emphasizes custom-made jewelry and offers a wide selection of high-quality authentic gemstones. By being custom-made, the company offers customized resources that allow customers to design jewelry for their special people.

As a company that loves to see people happy and express their personalities and feelings, the brand is advancing the possibility of expanding into different markets, thus affording more individuals the unforgettable experience of elegant jewelry––at value price. Currently, Starry Cradles distributors are found in the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, and London. Notwithstanding, they can ship these precious creations anywhere across the globe. You’re only a click away from making memories with the one you love. It’s so easy that it’s thrilling! Visit the website here.

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