6 Signs Your Hair is Healthy – The Wanderlust Project

6 Signs Your Hair is Healthy – The Wanderlust Project

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell healthy and damaged hair apart. Other times, it can be a little trickier. Keep reading to learn how to tell the two apart, plus some helpful remedies for common hair complaints. 

6 Key Signs of Healthy Hair

Smoothness and Shine

Healthy hair strands tend to have smooth surfaces with a bit of shine. These qualities can be readily apparent in straight or wavy hair. While it may be challenging to discern shine on curly, coiled or kinky hair, you can examine your hair just after washing. Look for light bouncing off your strands. 

Elasticity and Shrinkage

Healthy hair is more elastic, easily bouncing back into place when you lightly pull it and let go. You can best test this on post-washed wet hair. Curly, coiled and kinky hair experiences shrinkage, appearing shorter and more compact when dry. This indicates resilient hair with an ample amount of moisture.

Mild Shedding

Healthy hair sheds a few strands every day. This is part of a renewal process, allowing older and worn-out strands to disappear and new ones to grow in their place. Research shows that up to 90% of your hair is actively growing (in anagen phase) at any given time. 

Moisture Retention

When your hair has enough moisture, it doesn’t try to absorb moisture. That’s basically what frizz is — parched hair trying to drink in more water. Your hair’s porosity affects how well it absorbs and holds onto moisture, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing a hydration regimen. Advertisements

Minimal Breakage

Healthy hair experiences less breakage than damaged hair. Some hair types, especially coiled and kinky hair, are more fragile and prone to break. However, following a healthy hair regimen and handling your tresses with care can minimize breakage. Remember that excess heat styling and chemical services can make your hair more vulnerable. 


All hair types can tangle. However, excessive tangling indicates a potential problem. Often, the culprit is hair strands’ rough exterior due to damage, high porosity or lack of moisture. Kinky, coiled and curly hair requires time and patience to detangle, along with a good conditioner and a wide-toothed comb. Adding an untangled hair supplement to your care regimen may also be helpful. 

Is Having Silky Hair Enough of An Indicator?

Shine is a positive quality in most cases, but the kind of shine is just as important. While there are plenty of products that can add sheen to hair surfaces, a natural shine is what indicates hair health. Examining your hair after washing is the best way to know if your shine is natural or not. 

Normal Shedding Vs. Excessive

Losing around 100 strands per day is normal. However, excess hair shedding can occur for a few different reasons: emotional stress, illness, weight loss and hormonal changes. The only cure for excess shedding is time, patience and combating the root cause.

Advertisements Including a hair growth serum can give your body the boost needed to regenerate lost strands. You can also opt for laser hair growth devices if you’ve lost too many strands.  

No matter what state your hair’s in, it requires nourishment and TLC to get and stay healthy. Expert solutions from haircare brands like Foundation Skincare, Olaplex, Living Proof, etc. can help you reach these goals.