5 Proven Ways to Tighten Saggy Breasts – Beauty Conspirator

5 Proven Ways to Tighten Saggy Breasts – Beauty Conspirator

Photo by Leticia Azevedo
Photo by Leticia Azevedo

The passage of time, gravity, and other lifestyle factors do a number on originally perky boobs. The skin around the boobs becomes less elastic and weaker, leading to saggy breasts. It is nothing out of the ordinary for breasts to droop. That in no way means that you must welcome the change. It may cause anxiety when these changes make you feel like you cannot recognize yourself anymore. It can also be hard on your self-esteem and body confidence. Fortunately, there are measures and proven ways to tighten droopy boobs. Let’s dive into some of those ways:

Using breast tightening oils

The market has no shortage of breast tightening oils and creams. The wide array of oils promises to work on your skin elasticity and counter the sagging. Most of these tightening creams are potent with natural active ingredients that seek to restore skin hydration. When your skin is hydrated, your breasts are more likely to stand firm. Find a breast tightening oil and massage your breasts regularly for maximum benefits. The shape of your breasts will improve, and it will keep the sagging away.


Drinking enough water is a natural remedy for sagging breasts. Increasing your fluid intake keeps your body hydrated and improves skin elasticity. Better elasticity helps keep your breasts firm and in shape. Failure to take enough water leaves your body and skin dehydrated, making it easier to lose elasticity. Be sure to drink the recommended daily water intake to keep the boobies perky and in shape.

Provide good support

Getting proper support from the right bra size is necessary for keeping your breasts in shape. Get the correct cup size for your boobs and wear the right bra. Always have a sports bra on during your workout sessions. A sports bra prevents ligament damage by offering support to your breasts. That, in turn, prevents sagging.

Consider a breast lift treatment

Most remedies for sagging breasts do not produce a dramatic result. If you are dealing with extreme sagging, your best alternative is getting a breast lift treatment. Breast lift procedures will make your breasts look lifted and in shape. There are many cases of botched cosmetic surgeries. You, therefore, need to find an experienced professional near you who is an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. If you are in Texas, for example, you can go for a breast lift (mastopexy) by Dr. Coutrney to help tighten saggy breasts. Again, ensure you are dealing with an experienced doctor for the right results and avoid running into complications.

Maintain proper diet and nutrition

Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet helps keep your body and skin nourished. It also helps maintain a healthy weight which is necessary for managing pressure on your skin tissue. Being overweight adds extra weight to your breasts which causes them to sag. However, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle keeps your body and boobs in great shape.

Wrapping up

Sagging breasts are natural. But that does not mean you must live with the body change even if you do not wish to. Employ the tips above to reverse the sagging and prevent further sagging.


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