4 Common Factors That Make Your Sweat Stink And How To Fix Them

4 Common Factors That Make Your Sweat Stink And How To Fix Them

Naturally, as humans, we don’t just want to appear nice but also smell nice. But how come when we sweat, it is sometimes accompanied by an unpleasant odor, especially since research has proven that sweat is odorless? Good question. In this article, we will be covering four of the most common factors that make your sweat stink to enable you to decipher an issue and correct it accordingly.

According to Medical News Today, “The human body can produce a range of substances that carry a smell, known as odorants. Many of these are important for regular bodily function and, in small quantities, do not lead to unpleasant odors. However, an excessive accumulation of these compounds on the skin can cause noticeable smells.

The smell you sometimes pick from your sweat is caused by bacteria building up on a sweaty skin, which then breaks down proteins and fatty acids, triggering a smell. While it is generally agreed that personal hygiene plays an important role in keeping this stench at bay, it is also possible that what you eat and wear could also be responsible for stinky sweat. In view of this, here are four common factors that make your sweat stink.

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#1. Excessive alcohol intake

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Excessive drinkers oftentimes try to cover up their odor with breath mints, but what they don’t realize is that the odor comes from their skin pores. Also, scientists say that only 90% of the alcohol consumed is metabolized by the body; the remaining is excreted in different ways, including through the pores. So reducing alcohol intake can help reduce smelly sweat. For instance, if you consume six bottles of beer a day, you should consider dropping that number to about three a week. This not only tackles the unpleasant smell but is also good for your general health.

#2. Medical conditions

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There are certain medical conditions that could also make your sweat smell, such as diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver dysfunction, and others. If you have recently started picking up an unpleasant smell from your sweat as well as noticing other medical symptoms, see a doctor immediately. The only way to correct this is to pay a visit to your doctor to diagnose the issue and consequently, follow up with the necessary treatment.

#3. Wrong fabric

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Damp clothing when mixed with sweat also gives off an awful smell so wear clean dry clothes. Also, avoid synthetic fibers like polyester if you will be overly active throughout the day. This is because polyester traps moisture in the skin, and consequently causes sweat to smell. If possible, change clothing often if you are sweating and wear also wear outfits made of wool, cotton, and linen as they help absorb sweat and also give room for it to evaporate.

#4. Pungent foods

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Foods such as garlic, onions, and chili pepper fall under this category. These foods don’t actually make your sweat any smellier, but the scent of the above-mentioned foods can permeate through the pores and not just your breath. Thus making the sweat perceived smellier. If you’re a sucker for spices, telling you to reduce your intake isn’t feasible. I get it, I love spices too. The best route of action is to follow such meals by drinking enough water to help tone down the pungent smell. You should also consume more fruits and vegetables every day to curtail the smell. If these don’t seem to work, then I am afraid you’ll need to control how much spice you eat. Painful, but necessary.

While this list is not exhausted, you have an idea of some things that makes your sweat stink more than it normally should and I’m sure necessary precaution will be taken to remedy this and also boost your overall health.

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