20 Fabulous Outline Nails Ideas That Are Totally Worth Raving About

20 Fabulous Outline Nails Ideas That Are Totally Worth Raving About

From rainbow nails to chic white nails and now outline nails, our nail technicians keep getting more and more creative with our digits. The outline nail art is one of the nail trends we have been seeing a lot of in recent months and it is pacing up to become one of the biggest nail trends of 2022.

This nail art is pretty, simple, and classy and can be worn on both long and short nails. Generally, the design is achieved by tracing a contrasting nail polish color along the outer edges of already polished nails. Per the description, it requires two different nail polishes; a base color and another shade used for the outline.

In more unconventional takes, manicurists are spicing things up beyond the simple outer edges outline. There’s a case for glitters, crystals, and more than one “outline” on the nails. In addition, many are choosing to go with more colors than usual and the result is a vibrant play of colors perfect for summer and beyond. Should you be a minimalistic girl drawn to subtle marvels or a drama queen who loves bold designs, you will find that outline nails can work for you. Would you like some inspiration to add to your mood board? We’ve got you covered.

Check out 19 of the most fabulous outline nail ideas to inspire you…

#1. Simple and classy

Explore the subtle territory in simple outline nails that scream classy. This option is perfect for formal settings like the office as they are beautiful without being imposing. The key is to use a neutral or almost clear base coat and then accentuate that with a pop of color.


#2. Colorful wonders

Take things a step further with vibrant nails perfect for days you just want to have fun. A great way to begin to get in on the color is to play with shades of one color as your base coat and outline hue. Otherwise, go wild with various tones for even more impact.

#3. Embellishment galore

Like every other nail trend on the scene, embellishments have made their way to the outline nails space. Interestingly, trendsetters are exploring both reserved and daring territories as each gives a unique offering. From a light sprinkle of glitter to a full-on baptism of crystals, you can pick and choose whichever suits you.


#4. Artistic pleasures

Draw on your favorite shapes, characters, or alphabets to add an artistic flair to your nails. If you delight in prominent designs, then a white base coat outlined with black nail polish and finished off with black characters will result in something amazing. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

For the DIY queens, Vlogger Nailed by Mone has a detailed tutorial to guide you.

Watch how to do outline nail manicure here…

Updated. Originally published March 7, 2020.

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