19 Stunning Hairstyle Inspirations For The 2022 Bride

19 Stunning Hairstyle Inspirations For The 2022 Bride


icking a wedding dress is tough, but deciding on a hairstyle can be even tougher. With such an assortment of choices and an array of factors to consider, little wonder some brides-to-be turn on bridezilla mode. This doesn’t have to be you as sometimes, all you need to seal the bridal hair game is some trendy hair options. 

The perfect hairstyles for brides are usually the sweet spot between trend, timelessness, and personal style. You wouldn’t want to look through your wedding photographs during your golden jubilee and wonder what you were thinking with your hair choice, would you?

The right coiffure can contribute immensely to your big day. Other than playing a huge role in elevating your look, it can also increase your confidence all through the day. So, if you’re next in line to be Mrs, pick a trendy and timeless hairstyle that would wow everyone in attendance, but most importantly, make you feel like the queen you are. Looking for a hairstyle for your big day?

Check out some bridal hairstyle inspiration you can totally rock on your big day…

#1. Simple and classic

Francesca Abrahamovitch/Instagram

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring traditional terrains, even in 2022. If you’re a girl who likes to stick to things you’re familiar with, simple and classic options are certainly a good idea. Whether it’s a ponytail, low bun with loose ends, or wavy styles, these hairstyles manage to blend style and comfort just right. 

Ernesto Casillas/Instagram

#2. Wavy lengths

Photo: @photosbyreem/Instagram

It’s not every day we see brides wear their hair down, which makes flaunting longer styles exciting. When exploring these options, do keep your wedding dress in mind in order to create a coordinated look. For instance, should your outfit be laden with crystals and elaborate details, long hair isn’t such a great choice. On the other hand, a very simple dress with little to no accents can benefit from beautiful lengths.  

Photo: @bymartistry/Instagram


#3. Unconventional x Glam

Osas Ighodaro/Instagram

One of the best bridal hairstyles for 2022 is unconventional X glamorous takes. If you wear your hair natural, now’s a great time to comb your ‘fro out in all its glory. You can also play with texture, volume, colors, and everything in between. The goal is to surprise with daring bridal hairstyles that are refreshingly unique.  

Photo: zealphotographyuk/Instagram


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Thuso Mbedu/Instagram


Danielle Priano/Instagram


Adut Akech/Instagram




Pearl Thusi/Instagram


Cesar Deleon Ramirez/Instagram


Mali Magic/Instagram


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