18 Of The Best Waterproof Shoes For Men That Will Keep Your Feet Dry Every Day Of The Year (Updated 2022) | FashionBeans

18 Of The Best Waterproof Shoes For Men That Will Keep Your Feet Dry Every Day Of The Year (Updated 2022) | FashionBeans

Unless you have some masochistic tendencies, we all can agree on one thing. Wet, soggy socks on your feet aren’t fun. We know ‘hate’ is a strong word, but we hate surprise rain showers, soaked socks, and having no choice but to puddle in our own shoes. If you’re with us on this, our best advice is to invest in a pair of waterproof shoes.

The key to hunting down the best waterproof shoes for men is to shop by occasion. Trust us, there’s a pair for most (if not every) occasion you can think of. Waterproof boots for hiking, golf shoes for your next round with the buddies, or dress shoes for rainy work days. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading to find the best waterproof shoes for you. You’ll never have to deal with wet socks again (except on laundry days). 

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We’re here to break the stereotype that waterproof shoes are limited to plain old rain boots. In our book, the best waterproof shoes for men should be more versatile for every day, rain or shine. 

These sneakers by Nike (no surprise) tick off all the boxes—waterproof, comfortable, and stylish. They even offer a variety of fun colors, but we’d personally go for the all-black version to get the most usage.

These waterproof sneakers are perfect for a run with your go-to pair of running shorts. or style them with a baggy pair of jeans for an effortless, street-style look.

Material: GORE-TEX | Sizes Available: 6 – 15 | Colors available: Black, White, Multi | Fit: Regular

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, a pair of cushiony, waterproof shoes is crucial. We recommend Allbirds’ Wool Runner Mizzles for your best everyday sneaker option.

The wool and bio-based water repellent shield almost look like a knit fabric. They’ll break your stereotype that all waterproof shoes are made with a heavy, rubbery material. 

The Runner Mizzles’ water-repellant feature is great for surprise drizzles during your morning commute or dog walks. But you might want to avoid this style if your day is going to be filled with intense puddles.  

Material: Wool | Sizes Available: 8 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray | Fit: Regular

Swiss brand On Running set high standards and changed the running game for many athletes. And they came up with the perfect waterproof sneakers that support any runner with any running goal.

These lightweight, watertight running shoes will keep your feet dry through almost every soggy condition. And comfort isn’t compromised with the waterproof technology. These sneakers still boast the brand’s signature Helion super foam and super-plush tongue. The cozy, foot-hugging feel will make your runs that much more pleasant.

Material: Helion, CloudTec | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray | Fit: Regular

Waterproof shoes are the biggest necessity for hikers. There usually aren’t signs, but nature is slippery when wet. And if you can’t give up style on your outdoor adventures, meet the VECTIVE Exploris FUTURELIGHT Boots by The North Face.

These waterproof and breathable hiking shoes have 14 outdoor-specific features to optimize your hiking experience. The Surface Control rubber outsole is especially comforting. With the classic sneaker-like design, these hiking shoes will leave you feeling confident on the trails and on the streets.

We love the mid boots for more ankle protection, but they also offer a low-top version for those who prefer something even more versatile.

Material: VECTIV, FUTURELIGHT | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray, Khaki | Fit: Regular

Are you looking for something sturdy enough for protection but light enough for all-day comfort? Check out Columbia’s Trailstorm Waterproof Hiking Shoes. 

Many reviewers are raving about the excellent grip on these shoes. Ever been camping when an unexpected thunderstorm hits? These are the shoes you’ll want in that scenario.

And these hiking shoes are impeccably multi-purpose. If nature isn’t your thing, they’re ideal for a waterproof utilitarian aesthetic—think cargo pants and bomber jackets.

Material: N/A | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors available: Black, Gray, Khaki, Navy | Fit: Regular


On gloomy, rainy days, you want fewer things to worry about. If you’re tired of untied shoelaces (wet laces are especially ‘ew’), we recommend opting for slip-on shoes. Like these sneakers by Vessi, for example. Insane comfort and less work to put shoes on—yes, please.

The vegan knit material is super breathable. Now your feet will stay dry not only from external sources like rain but also from sweat. If you had an issue with puddling in your own sweat in unbreathable rain boots, these are for you.

Material: Knit | Sizes Available: 6 – 14 | Colors available: Black, White | Fit: Regular

If you can’t give up sophistication even under sloppy conditions, check out Ecco’s St.1 Hybrid Boots. You’ll be surprised to realize these elegant chukka boots in real leather are also waterproof.

Ecco is known to make extremely comfortable footwear, and they’ve built a loyal following over the years. So yes, comfort is guaranteed. Combining premium full-grain leather with the GORE-TEX technology, these leather shoes will keep your feet dry all day while maintaining a smart look. 

Wear these to a first date or even an interview (maybe not for investment banks, but will pass for most companies). Wherever you go, it’s a look that will not fail to impress.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 39 – 46 | Colors available: Black, Brown, Dark Gray | Fit: Regular

Wet feet shouldn’t be your excuse for playing horribly (among many others), and these waterproof leather golf shoes by G/FORE are here to save your score. From dewy greens to surprise rain showers, you’re covered in these.

With the classic and minimal design, these leather golf shoes look so sleek and stylish on the green. Once you break 90, you should ditch those rusty golf shoes and upgrade to a dapper pair like these.

Wear yours with a slim pair of golf trousers and a crisp white polo for a sophisticated look that’ll turn heads at your private golf clubhouse.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 12.5 | Colors available: White | Fit: Regular

If you’re working under tough conditions, L.L.Bean’s Storm Chaser Slip-On Boots are the perfect protective and waterproof option. This rain boot and sneaker hybrid feature waterproof leather that’s also stain resistant—no more worrying about your new kicks getting rusty with dirt and grimes after one wear.

The easy slip-on design makes it super seamless to slip these shoes on and off, saving you time and the hassle. Because who has time to deal with laces when you’re busy at work?

Pair these slip-on boots with a trusty pair of cargo pants or overalls for the trending chic workwear aesthetic. Trust us, you’ll be seeing this look all over social media in the next couple of months.

Material: Leather, Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Gray, Brown, Khaki | Fit: Regular

UGGs aren’t just for teenage girls. The cold weather footwear giant makes the best waterproof snow shoes for men. Their Butte Boots will keep your feet safe and warm as you navigate through inches of snow.  

Obviously, these winter boots are waterproof. But they also feature rugged soles for more grip and stability on icy grounds. The soft sherpa lining is just an added bonus that’ll keep you from getting cold feet and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Wear your waterproof snow shoes with a cozy fleece jacket or a wind-proof padded parka to beat the cold from head to toe. 

Material: Leather, Rubber, Sheepskin | Sizes Available: 7 – 18 | Colors available: Black, Brown, Gray | Fit: Regular

We’d have no complaints if we could cancel all-important business meetings on gloomy days. Sometimes, suiting up is inevitable, even under sloppy weather conditions. But Rockport’s waterproof cap-toe oxfords are here to save the day and your formal outfit.

Made with 100% Hydro-Shielded genuine leather, these dress shoes are classic and practical. We also love the rubber soles that’ll prevent you from slipping and sliding in public—phew. 

Style these waterproof oxfords with your go-to suit for work or even a tuxedo for black tie events—have an upcoming outdoor wedding with a slight chance of rain in the forecast? Get your Rockports ready.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 5 – 16 | Colors available: Black, Brown | Fit: Regular, Narrow, Wide

Rockport Men’s Essential Details Waterproof Cap-Toe Oxford

When shopping for shoes for wide feet, our pro tip is to search for the timeless classics. Enter: Timberland. They offer a roomier version of their classic waterproof boots to keep your wide feet comfortable and dry.

Being Kanye’s go-to pair of boots is proof enough that Timberlands won’t fail you style-wise. But how about the function, you ask? Specialized insulation for extra warmth, Timberland’s anti-fatigue technology, and high-quality traction.

For an urban look with a rustic aesthetic (yes, we’re thinking Kanye), style these waterproof boots with a pair of ripped jeans and a distressed hoodie. 

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 6 – 18 | Colors available: Black, Brown, Khaki, Gray, + | Fit: Regular, Wide

Calling all the preppy dudes for this one. If you love a smart casual look wherever you go, these Vilebrequin waterproof loafers are for you. 

The swimwear brand, Vilebrequin went above and beyond with these loafers. They’re not just waterproof—they can even be worn ‘in’ the water. The beach, poolside, or on the streets in rainy weather, these loafers will keep your feet dry while maintaining the preppy feel you can’t give up.

Have fun styling these loafers on your next summer vacation. You can’t go wrong with a colorful pair of printed swim shorts and a hip pair of sunnies for a chill vibe.

Material: 100% Polyurethane | Sizes Available: 41 – 46 | Colors available: Navy | Fit: Regular

Vilebrequin Men Shoes Solid Waterproof

Rejoice because dad sandals are a thing this year—you actually have an excuse to wear them out in public without your wife or girlfriend scolding you for your sloppy taste in fashion. 

Why not try a fresh, colorful pair from Teva? They make the best waterproof sandals, in our opinion, and we especially love the ‘Retro-Multi’ colorway for an extra oomph this summer.

These waterproof sandals are not only cute and comfy, but they’re also made with vegan, recycled materials. And they’re recyclable—just send in your old sandals, and Teva will recycle them for you.

Material: Synthetic & Plant-based Materials | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Multi, Black, Gray, Brown + | Fit: Regular 

Guys, we found the perfect waterproof boot-sneaker hybrid—and to make things even better, it comes in suede. Meet the C-Street Chukka Sneaker by Sorel.

Sorel is another brand we couldn’t leave off this round-up. Sure, their reputation weighs pretty heavily on their duck boots, but they also make great everyday pieces that aren’t so normcore. This hybrid style is the perfect balance between casual and dressy.

The suede material gives it an extra dose of sophistication. So style it with a classy outfit like a pair of slim-leg trousers and a crisp, white button-down shirt for a first-date-approved look.

Material: Suede | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors available: Brown, Black | Fit: Regular 

Looking for the best waterproof casual shoe to wear for a weekend brunch or a gallery date? Look no further. We found these Chukka Boots from Sperry for you.

A qualified casual shoe should pair nicely with your everyday wardrobe essentials like a good pair of jeans and a linen shirt, and these chukkas do just that. With the minimal design and a fun pop of color on the laces, these shoes will instantly elevate and brighten up the mood of your rather uninteresting outfits.

There’s something quite nostalgic about these Sperrys. They’ll take you back to your teenage years—but in a better, more sophisticated way.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Brown, Black, Tan | Fit: Regular 

There’s a reason why Crocs’ stocks skyrocketed during the pandemic. It’s comfortable (if you know, you know), versatile (more than you think), waterproof (obviously), and stylish (Justin Bieber owns a whole collection). 

Haters gon’ hate, but you can’t deny that Crocs are in—at least for now. Style them with your ultra-baggy sweatpants or cargo jeans for the ultimate Y2K-inspired look. 

The key to mastering Crocs is to wear them with confidence. Strut the streets with model energy, and you’ll lowkey enjoy the occasional glances.

Material: CrosliteTM | Sizes Available: 4 – 13 | Colors available: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, + | Fit: Regular

Last but certainly not least, we have Hunter’s Chelsea boots. You might’ve been waiting to see these on this list—that’s how iconic Hunter’s rain boots are.

Knee-high rain boots are difficult to walk in, not to mention they’re quite heavy. These Chelsea boots fix all your problems. With the short ankle length, these rain boots are much lighter and easier to style. 

Take a note from their site and pair them with Hunter’s Chelsea socks to make your feet even happier. This tried and true combo is unbeatable for the rain and snow. They’re an iconic brand for a reason.

Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors available: Black, Navy, Green, Olive | Fit: Regular

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Waterproof Shoes For Men 


When shopping for waterproof shoes, consider all the styles they come in first. The easiest way to determine what would work best for you is to consider your most worn shoe. If you usually wear sneakers the most, invest in waterproof sneakers to replace your go-tos on rainy days.

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Waterproof shoes are available in a variety of materials like rubber, leather, suede, synthetic materials, and more. Rubber is the most common for rain boots and duck boots. It provides the best waterproof qualities, but it can be quite heavy. If you want a more polished look, go for waterproof leather or suede. Any product with GORE-TEX material is also a great option.


Be sure to research the fit when shopping for waterproof shoes. Because waterproof shoes are coated with special treatment like wax and/or are made with unique water resilient materials, they’re often non-stretchy and inflexible. Many brands suggest sizing up, and it’s usually indicated clearly on their website.


    • You can make your shoes waterproof by applying beeswax, waterproofing sprays, or other products like polish for leather shoes. However, investing in a pair of waterproof shoes is much easier.

      • The best waterproof shoes for men are made by specialty brands like Vessi, Allbirds, and Hunter. Outdoor sports brands like Nike, Columbia, and The North Face also make great waterproof shoes.

        • Most retail stores will have a good selection, but there’s no guarantee they’ll have your size in stock. So the best place to start is to scroll back up and find your favorite pair from our guide.