15 Of The Best Tank Tops For Men To Meet Every Seasons Needs (2022 Edition) | FashionBeans

15 Of The Best Tank Tops For Men To Meet Every Seasons Needs (2022 Edition) | FashionBeans

Whether warmer weather is on the horizon, you’re headed for a much-needed vacation, or happen to live somewhere where it’s always t-shirt season (stop bragging) tank tops for men are a pivotal piece of clothing needed in any man’s closet. Thanks to the giant uptick in athleisure in recent years, these muscle-bearing tops are quickly becoming a go-to for guys, even in high-fashion spaces.

With the added bonus of being ridiculously comfortable, breathable, and excellent at showing off your gym gains, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be adding tank tops for men to your rotation. 

From singlets and stringlets to muscle tees and classic tanks, there is a tank top for men for every occasion,  sport or high fashion moment. Each tank is designed to the highest standard with its unique performance in mind. Different cuts provide different coverage so you can bear it all or strategically show off the body parts you prefer best. 

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The rise in comfortability in clothing means a saturation in the marketplace. Because there are so many tank tops for men to choose from, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 14 of the most popular and coveted so deciding is easy. Get ready to fill your shopping cart, because you may need to pick up more than one.

Tom Snyder cuts a mean tank because of their impeccable dedication to tailoring. Made of 100% dyed cotton jersey, this Made in L.A. top clings in all of the right places.

The basic design of this top makes it suitable for a variety of personal styles, but its superb fit and the timeless cut means ultimate flexibility from the beach all the way to dinner. A tailored trouser provides the extra polish needed along with a dress shoe. Avoid a sneaker unless it’s daytime casual. The top comes in several classic colors, so adding more than one to your wardrobe is a good idea. The price is higher than others on the list, but know that you’re investing in a piece that will last. 

Chances are, you’ve worn one of these tank tops for men in your life. The Hanes cotton tank is a go-to for a reason. At a reasonable price for 6 shirts, it’s unbelievably easy to see why men reach for Hanes when considering tank tops for men.

The high cut of the armpit emphasizes the pecks and the cotton material is extra breathable even on the hottest of days. Your best bet with this tank is to use it for layering. It’s the perfect undershirt and can even be worn underneath an open camp shirt or chore coat. Elevate the look by pairing it with pleated pants and a pearl necklace. 

Lululemon is the new standard when it comes to workout gear. The Fundamental Tank Top is about as basic as you can get in all of the right ways. We love the roominess in the chest, which helps increase mobility when working out or playing sports. With the right pair of shorts, this tank can be easily dressed up for errands or coffee shop dates. 

This simple tank contains lycra fiber for stretch and shape, so you can wipe your face or even rough house without it affecting the fit of the top. Its cotton fabrication means that it’s quick drying and its no stink-zinc technology inhibits odor-causing bacteria. You probably shouldn’t go for a date after working out in this tank, but technically, you could.

We love when a high fashion brand creates clothing at a lower price point. Comme des Garcons is a genius at bringing couture down to the street level, and this Sunspel Vest is no exception. For a designer item under $100, you’re purchasing a super soft 100% cotton tank with a loose fit and a long length – all for a pretty good deal. 

The oversize fit is perfect for the fashionable guy who likes layering with fashion pieces like open cardigans. Pair with loose trousers and a trendy, thick sandal for an effortless vibe. This tank is great on its own but the basic color and roomy body is ideal for layering with sweaters, vests, and even a cool blazer. 

Looking for the best way to show off your gains at the gym? The TFL Tactic Performance tank is highly rated among fitness bros. Its signature racer back design is designed to show off every last muscle, so long as you’re comfortable showing off some skin. 

With all that sweating going on, you’ll appreciate the anti-microbial layer built directly into the fabric to protect you from unwanted odor. 

There’s something really striking about the retro design of the Van Cortlandt singlet by Tracksmith. The sash racing stripe boasts a history dating back to the 1800s at Cornell University. 

While the singlet is definitely worth the money, the steeper price tag keeps it out of the bargain bin. An investment in this singlet is a good one, though. The soft and breathable mesh is moisture-wicking and built to last. 

If pro athletes are wearing it, chances are, it’s worth considering. Under Armour is a trusted brand in the men’s fashion world, so it makes sense that their compression tank tops for men are a favorite with us.

The Iso-chill technology keeps you cool while you work out by pulling heat away from the body. Moisture-wicking material and a mesh under arm will keep you feeling clean and fresh, at this point the only thing it won’t do is make you actually go to the gym. For something under $50, we’d say that it’s a steal. 

These days, shopping on Amazon makes finding your favorite graphic tank as easy as clicking a button. This affordable top uses a black-ground to make the neon colors of the MTV logo pop.

Additionally, the slim nature of the straps shows off the arms. A classic fit means it won’t hug the body too tightly but will show off your back, chest, and pecks like a charm. 

This tank can do it all. The cult favorite brand has made a great tank in a regular fit that is great for the gym and the street. A regular fit and dropped armholes create some serious comfortability. 

Guys love the six different color options of the Triumph Muscle Tank. The semi-reasonable price tag makes it possible to pick up more than one color. The sueded tri-blend jersey material doesn’t hurt, either. 

Not only are you going to love the look of this simple tank with a pair of jean shorts, but you’re going to fall for its softness, thanks to the certified renewable resources used to make it. Lyocell, a natural fiber made of wood pulp, brings the ultra-softness and the pima cotton gives the tank its drape and texture. 

While it’s not the bargain choice, it will outlast the Hane’s tank, which is similar in fit. An investment in a high-quality sustainable tank is worth it in the long run. Thanks to the higher cut, narrower straps, and tighter ribbed fit, the CDLP option is great for showing off your muscles with comfort and ease.  

Much like other tank tops for men on this list, Russell’s athletic tank has a muscle tee fit. What sets this tank apart is how close it sits to the body. The slim fit has a naturally slimming effect on the body and the armhole is cut so it sits closer to your natural shoulder. 

One of the best features of this product is all of the different purchase combinations. Choose just one tank for under $10 or a variety of colors to suit all of your needs. Even though this tee is simple, it still comes with the moisture-wicking and odor-minimizing technology found in highly-priced competitive brands. 

The Balance Utopia tank offers tons of versatility. The self-conscious guy will appreciate the longer length that covers the bum and comes with a slightly curved hem that slims. 

If you’re in need of a wider range of sizes, check out this tank. It comes in sizes up to 4XL. There are different colors to choose from, but each tank has a smooth finish with nice trim detail. This Utopia tank is pretty much a no-brainer. 

Nike always does an excellent job when it comes to performance, and the Dri-FIT Miler tank is no exception. Considering these tank tops for men is reasonably priced, durable, breathable, and comes in some seriously cool fashion colors, it’s a win in our books. 

Designed with running in mind, the split hem makes movement extra easy. Plus, it comes in tall sizes, too. If conscious shopping is your thing, then you’ll appreciate Nike’s transparency about how this tank is made. 

Performance is key in tank tops for men, but the buttery yellow color of the Hoops Summer Essentials top alone makes it worth the purchase. Ideal for hoops or posting up after the game, you’ll love this mesh tank.

As for cut, this tank offers a loose cut and dropped armholes, making it perfect when unleashing your slam dunk powers. Like Nike and other top brands these days, Adidas uses recycled materials to create their most iconic tank tops for men. 

If it’s Tom Ford, you know you’re investing in a piece of timeless elegance. When it comes to tank tops for men, the luxury brand hits the mark. Sure, you’re going to spend some coin, but you’ll receive quality fit, soft cotton, and modal blend, and breathable, stretchy fabric you’ll never want to take off. 

The tank is advertised as a sleep shirt, but we all know it’s how you style it. Add slim-cut pants or a pair of black trousers with a baggy drape and a black leather belt to make this tank feel polished. 

What to look for when looking for tank tops for men

Straps Width  

 The narrower your straps, the more likely they are to make your arm muscles appear larger. Super thin stringlet straps take this idea to the extreme by drawing attention to your chest and lats as well as your arms. If concealing the top part of your shoulder and flattering the length of your arm is your goal, then a wide-cut strap found on a muscle tee will do. 

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The cut of tank tops for men holds much more weight than it’s often given credit for. Each style sends out a unique message and has a big impact on how your overall look is perceived. Tight and ribbed cotton will give off a sexier vibe when paired with tailored trousers.

If you’re trying to hide some problem areas like your stomach, for example, then a looser fit will likely make you feel more comfortable. An overall loose or standard fit is going to sit slightly away from the body and works in nearly all scenarios. A narrow fit cut closely to the body has a slimming effect.


Where you’re headed is important when it comes to tank tops for men. Skin-baring designs like a stringlet or highly athletic looks (think anything from Nike or Adidas) are for casual settings. Cotton, blends, and other superior fabrics can be dressed up and worn for many moments beyond sport. 


    • Shorts are an obvious go-to, especially in the summer. They can be worn with nicely tailored pants if the tank is on the tight side. Lately, men have been pairing tanks with a blazer or even an open camp shirt.

      • Guys should definitely wear tank tops, but it depends on the situation. Typically, tanks are casual and work best during fitness or at a bbq, but cut and fabric dictate a tank’s appropriateness. You probably shouldn’t wear one to a wedding, but a designer tank top in a luxe fabric is more suitable than you think. 

        • Most tank tops do make your look slimmer by narrowing your body’s overall appearance. If the straps sit farther in close to the neck, however, they will actually make your arms appear larger at the shoulders, which is great for guys showing intent on showing off their physique. 

          • The type of tank will indicate where it works best. Running, sport, and compression tanks are ideal for the gym, while cotton material works for daytime and casual hangs.