15 Of The Best Silk Ties To Add Some Luxury To Your Office And Formal Wear in 2022 | FashionBeans

15 Of The Best Silk Ties To Add Some Luxury To Your Office And Formal Wear in 2022 | FashionBeans

As fancy as tuxedos and dress shirts are, they don’t always help bring out your personality. You could be the best-dressed guy at a formal event and still feel like you’re only keeping up appearances. But the best silk ties for men can help you get around that.

Elegant and eye-catching, the finest tie brands on the modern market are the unsung heroes of formal clothing. What better way to feel like a man’s man than by emulating your favorite Hollywood personality or Fifties crooner at a dinner party?

We’re pretty confident about the ins and outs of male fashion, so we’ve picked out some of the top silk ties on the market today. Keep reading to find the swankiest version of yourself.


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Elegant yet restrained, this is one of the best silk ties for men who want the ideal mixture of contemporary and traditional. Color is half of what makes a tie great, and you’ll have your pick of four fantastic patterns to go along with just about any suit in your wardrobe.

Our favorite would have to be the burgundy one since it’s probably the best compliment to a dark-colored tuxedo.  Also, a big part of why this tie looks so great is the jacquard weave. All its intricate detail and water-repellent properties are a big plus. 

Colors available: Red, Orange, Dark Blue | Length: 59.1 inches | Style: Modern

Italians know a thing or two about putting together the best ties for any event. Whether you go pink, maroon, or blue, you’re guaranteed to look like a distinguished gentleman. You can feel the age and refined quality of the century-old looms with a single touch. Plus, the 58-odd inches of length make it the ideal fit for the average male.

A safe bet with this tie is going with the maroon option paired with a light dress shirt under your tuxedo. Best of all, despite the undeniable quality of the construction, this is one of the more affordable high-quality products you can expect to find.

Colors available: Pink, Maroon, Navy, Light Blue| Length: 58.6 inches | Style: Modern

Grenadine Silk Tie

If there’s one thing the silk ties market has, it’s variety. And nothing says unique like being one of the few dudes at an event rocking a bowtie. The navy color and subtle gradient of the pattern are a great add-on to dark, formal attire. However, there’s a good reason why it’s especially popular for wedding suits.

This handmade beauty is nothing but woven silk, and the quality is apparent to anyone with the faintest bit of fashion sense. More so than any other kind of tie, this one does not belong in the washing machine. On the bright side, taking up less space than a regular tie means it’s less likely to get stained anyway.

Colors available: Navy | Length: 2.5 x 4.5 inches | Style: Regular

Tie Bar Seersucker Bowtie

No one can accuse Zegna of making ordinary products because what they do make are some of the best silk ties ever to grace a sports jacket. We’d think twice before throwing it on when the stakes are high, but if your office dress code allows it, all eyes will be on you with this bad boy. 

This neckwear reinforces the point that ties can be equal parts art and clothing. You can admire the fine details all day and still keep finding something new to appreciate here. It also doesn’t hurt that the quality Italian silk is soft as can be, and the decent length makes it a good pick for burlier guys.

Colors available: Multi-colored | Length: 62 inches | Style: Traditional

Zegna Quindici Geometric Tie

We haven’t forgotten about our tallest readers. This is likely the best silk tie for men who can reach the top shelf easier than the rest of us. Available in around twenty colors, this is a great pick for men who like to wear unique-colored suits. And with a price so affordable, there’s no reason not to buy a few different ones.

Despite being so long (in fact, you can even get it in extra long), this thing isn’t as freakishly wide as you might expect. Not to mention, it just feels plain good to the touch, so even the normally tedious process of readjusting your tie will feel spectacular.

Colors available: Blue, Black, Navy, Pink, + | Length: 63 or 70 inches | Style: Traditional

Longtiestore Premium Silk Tie

If you want to let your creative juices flow, Tie Creators has you covered with one of the most intricate custom design studios in the world. Offering everything from plain and striped to the quirkier polka dot, this is the pick for men who know who they are and aren’t afraid to show it.

Your choice of a wide pool of eye-catching colors isn’t all. You can get The Creators’ logo or come up with a custom option and have it placed anywhere you want. Did we mention you can adjust the length and width? You can even order a clip-on to make things easy on yourself.

Colors available: Custom | Length: Custom | Style: Custom

The Creators Custom Tie

The Best of The Rest

Floral silk ties are a staple in men’s fashion because of their unique sheen, and no one does this particular niche better than Rafinado. One of the most affordable ties you can find, this neck candy isn’t as in-your-face as a lot of other floral ties. It has that perfect blend of classy yet quirky, especially if you go black or burgundy.

Still, there’s no denying the subtle hint of groundedness this tie offers. Even if you don’t have a super-formal gathering to attend, this is something you can wear at work without looking over or underdressed. Just be sure to keep it out of the washer.

Colors available: Silver, Burgundy, Navy, Green, + | Length: 7 inches | Style: Slim

The fashion-savvy man understands the quality of Tommy Hilfiger’s products, but ties happen to be some of their most underrated products. Defined by its distinctive “four-leaf clover” design, this tie might as well scream out the brand name. The fact that it’s so slim makes it look that much better on a lean, well-dressed man.

A strong candidate for the ultimate work tie, this work of art is very easy to combine with whatever you have stored away. This might be one of the only times where picking a more unorthodox color can actually work to your advantage.

Colors available: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, + | Length: 57 inches | Style: Slim

Tommy Hilfiger Neat Silk Tie

Some of the best silk ties have a little sprinkle of microfiber for that much-needed stain resistance. Combine that with a near-endless pool of colors, and you have yourself a tie that’s pretty hard to beat. This Eneston tie is great for birthdays, office meetings, and weddings alike. There’s bound to be a design to match whatever else you’re wearing.

The diagonal stripes won’t be going out of style any time soon, but there’s always the navy and burgundy options if you want something more restrained. As amazing as this tie looks, you should see how the micro-silk hybrid feels. It really is the cherry on top of the tie cake.

Colors available: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, + | Length: 57 inches | Style: Modern

Eneston Silk & Microfiber Tie

Simple and to-the-point, this is one of the best silk ties if you’re looking to show up somewhere and just flat-out impress. A twill-weave tie is often the centerpiece of a good suit, so a black or midnight blue David Donahue will never not look good on you.

US-made but constructed out of Italian fabric, the shelf life (or rather, wardrobe life) on this tie is longer than most, especially with the right care. To make matters even more convenient, 58 inches is right around the industry standard that’s perfect for most men. It’s fantastic in a pinch.

Colors available: Black, Navy, SIlver, Black/White, + | Length: 58 inches | Style: Modern

David Donahue Silk Twill Tie

If you have a big gathering coming up and don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is a candidate for the best budget silk tie you could get your hands on. But don’t let the price tag fool you. The quality of the silk is incredible, and you have some very interesting designs to choose from.

Whether you go the colorful route or you need something more conservative, one thing you can definitely expect is durability. The countless stitches that make up this tie are sure to keep it kicking for years on end. Bonus points—with a price that low, you can buy one of each color and be set for life!

Colors available: 11 Patterns | Length: 57 inches | Style: Traditional

Geotae Zerun Jacquard Silk Tie

A dotted tie is one of those things you have to try at least once, and who better to trust with unique silk ties for men than Hugo Boss? All three colors are elegant in and of themselves, but the white dots are especially nice. They go beautifully with a white dress shirt underneath a darker-colored suit.

There’s more to this tie than just the dots, though. The Jacquard weave jumps at you the moment you lay eyes on it, especially if you go with the silver option to highlight the graininess of the build. The quality of the silk itself is nothing to scoff at, either, so you can expect this tie to last you a good, long time.

Colors available: Silver, Light Blue, Dark Blue | Length: 59.1 inches | Style: Modern 

Hugo Boss Silk Tie With Dot Motif

There’s just something about burgundy that brings out the best in an old-school suit. But that’s only one reason we love Canali so much. This is one of the best silk ties for men by a longshot, and this puppy goes especially well with retro-style suits ranging from gray to charcoal and black. 

The splashes of orange, brown, and white really bring out the beauty of the material, and you can always rely on Italy to provide some of the finest fabric in the tie market. One thing to note is that this tie is on the longer side, so consider picking it up if everything else keeps coming up too short.

Colors available: Burgundy (striped) | Length: 72 inches | Style: Modern

Canali Burgundy Striped Tie

Many of the best silk ties coming out nowadays are slimmer than the classic ones, and this is a great example. A particularly elegant fit for guys who are also slim, this mid-ranger comes in eight elegant colors to combine with just about any tuxedo. 

While you still get the trademark silky gleam with this tie, the solid design makes it an extremely appropriate pick for any formal gathering. Because it’s so thin, you may want to be extra careful when cleaning it, but that’s a small price to pay to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion game.

Colors available: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, + | Length: 57 inches | Style: Slim

Kenneth Cole Slim Tie

The reason Dubulle loyalists keep coming back for more silk ties is the sheer variety they offer. Any color and design you can think of, chances are they have it in stock. Clocking in at a perfect length to fit most men, this is one of the ultimate “safe picks” when it comes to getting yourself a tie.

For a very low price, you can expect a beautiful silk construction and even a complementary handkerchief to match it. Since some of the color options are a bit flashy, you may want to save this beauty for a more laid-back environment. Although you can always go for the minimalist green or pink for more formal events.

Colors available: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, + | Length: 59 inches | Style: Traditional 

Dubulle Men’s Silk Tie

What To Look For When Buying The Best Silk Ties

The best silk ties are the magic ingredient in your suit recipe, so you’d be wise to think long and hard before deciding on one. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind:


Generally speaking, the first thing to consider when perusing silk ties is your height. While the average tie is about 57 inches in length, guys on the extreme ends of the height distribution should be careful. You’ll want the tip to dangle about half an inch from your belt buckle.

Style & Width

Silk ties for men come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like men themselves, so something like tie width can make all the difference. Three inches is the golden middle when it comes to modern ties, although you could go the traditional route with something wider. If you want to let loose and look more your age, most guys have been digging 2.5-inches this past decade.

There’s another way to approach wearing ties, though, and that’s tapping into your inner James Bond. Go for a bowtie. Besides being much easier to set up, many would argue they outright look better than regular ties. Not to mention they stand out in a sea of (literal) corporate suits.

man wearing a suit and hat, grinning away from the camera
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There are loads of silk ties out there with outlandish designs, but don’t let that put you off from a more traditional pattern. Either way, there are two cardinal rules to keep in mind. One, make sure the tie is darker than the shirt underneath. Two, whatever you do, don’t wear a patterned tie with a patterned suit.


    • Even the best silk ties weren’t made to withstand the whirring of a washing machine, so be sure to hand wash or dry clean your tie. Although they’re generally low-maintenance, ties do occasionally get oily if you touch them after a meal. If that happens, you can cover the stain in talcum and leave it to dry overnight.

      • Silk ties are a bit of a sensitive breed, so you’ll usually want to steam them as opposed to straight-up ironing them. Simply place the tie on the ironing board and hold the iron a couple of inches above it. It’s not the quickest method in the world, but it sure beats charring it.

        • Doing some spring cleaning and thinking about tossing out your old silk ties? You may want to consider repurposing them instead. Shoelaces, sash belts, wallets, phone holders, or even tapestry—the only limit to what you can do with a long strand of silk is your imagination.