15 Colorful Eyeliners That’ll Make You Forget About Black Liner

15 Colorful Eyeliners That’ll Make You Forget About Black Liner

Makeup looks are extremely personal. For some, a little mascara turns a regular day into a special occasion. For others (say, quite a handful of Allure editors), a stash of fun eyeliners is integral to their mental health, and they feel incomplete without a dash of bold pigment on their eyes. Eye makeup preferences vary from person to person, but hear us out while we attempt to convince you to ditch the black liner and try a colorful eyeliner for a change.

Color truly never goes out of style, so you can upgrade your everyday, neutral eyeliner with a bright pigment or tap into your creativity to experiment with a more complex look. Makeup artists provided ample eye makeup inspiration during the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 season. Bold pigments in funky lines, blurred-out halos, and smokey cat eyes decorated models’ eyes and cheeks at the Puppets and Puppets, Marrisa Wilson, and Laquan Smith shows.

That said, creating artful masterpieces, like the stunning creations at Fashion Week, requires the right eyeliner formula, regardless of whether it’s an inky liquid, smooth pencil, or silky gel. An opaque pigment that doesn’t streak is a must, as well as a long-lasting color that stays put throughout the day, and an easy-to-use applicator that makes dispensing the product easy. “The most important thing is pigment and that [the eyeliner] easily glides onto the skin,” New York City-based makeup artist Delina Medhin explains. “You don’t want to use too much pressure on the eye.”

Of course, we’ve got your one-stop shop for all the best formulas and eye-catching shades in pencil, liquid, and gel options. We polled some of our favorite makeup artists and own editors to bring you the best colorful eyeliners for all of your standing-out-from-the-crowd needs.

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