13 Sites To Shop That Cater To Extended Plus Size beyond a 3X!

13 Sites To Shop That Cater To Extended Plus Size beyond a 3X!

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Often, we see comments where many of you are looking for places to shop beyond a size 24, you know, the extended plus size options. While you may be a size 22/24 in bottoms, but in some brands or cuts those thighs won’t give you a break and many times you may have to go up a size or two.

So today, we take a minute to update our growing list of  shops catering to extended plus size and share some more of our favorite places to shop for the fall season!

For those of you wearing size 26 and above- it’s not just about finding brands that cater to your fashion needs- it’s also about great fit. And while slowly but surely, brands are stepping up to fill the void.

We found that several plus size brands (and traditional retailers) offer a large selection of their inventory to the extended plus size customer. But oftentimes, those sizes stop at a 3 or 4X. And with the climate of plus size fashion, there is an increasing demand for brands to be more inclusive with the options they offer.

So to help you out or enable, (whichever you choose) on your plus size shopping journey, we’ve rounded a FEW more online stores that offer items that are perfect for the extended plus size person.

13 Sites to Shop That Cater to Extended Plus Size!

For sake of ease and inclusion, we did not include those brands that stop at a 4X. We wanted to make sure that we featured brands that went further than that, up through a 10X. Along with a couple of our favorite finds, check out our list of extended plus size websites and let us know if we missed any gems!

Looking for a few more places that make and fashion plus sizes above a size 3x? Check out these 12 places to shop for extended plus size fashion!

We gave you a few options, yes? If you are looking for essentials, drama, high fashion or even a few fast fashion options in extended plus size, we have rounded them up for you. Especially at varying price points and style aesthetics.

What did you think? Did you find a few new brands to check out swiftly? A few that you will need to revisit?

13 Sites to Shop That Cater to Extended Plus Size!
Extended Plus size denim by Universal Standard

And while it’s no surprise how difficult it can be shopping for plus size clothing, many of our favorite brands are taking great steps into extending their sizes beyond the size 24. And quite frankly, it has been long overdue. Especially with legacy plus size brands…

And for those plus size retailers and designers who have not, what are YOU waiting for? Come on boo, get it together.

Have you tried any of the shops above? What did you like about them?

Did we miss any? Let us know!