13 Effortlessly Chic Summer Outfit Essentials To Rock This Season

13 Effortlessly Chic Summer Outfit Essentials To Rock This Season

It’s warm weather moment and we are consciously ensuring that a repertoire of aligning outfits are sitting pretty in our closets, readying themselves for the season’s warm embrace. Slipping into convenient fits and matching designer accessories, we are ready to slay up until sometime in September when Fall season kicks in. With so many events lined up, from brunch meet-ups to concerts, baby showers to weddings, summer demands easy styling that very well commands an air of effortlessness. Summer Outfit essentials.

One apt way of describing the summer season is easy-breezy-beautiful. This season is a good time to bask outside with loved ones, eat more barbecue and popsicles, and dress in lightweight, fun ensembles. However, if you’re unsure where to begin, there are a few staples to include in your wardrobe that not only make dressing up fun but also easy. Good for you that’s what we’ll cover today.

Even the A-list stylists understand that a good ensemble isn’t dependent on the number of clothes you have but on how you maximize what you do have. A closet teeming with clothes will do you no good if you don’t know how to rock them. On the other hand, if you do know your fashion onions, you’ll find that a few essentials are really all you need this summer. Whether it’s the classic white shirt or trusted denim, investing in the right pieces will ensure you’re nothing short of effortlessly stunning this season. Stick to this guide and rest assured that everyone’s going to want to “obtain” something from your closet.

Check out 13 chic summer outfit essentials to get your groove on this season…

#1. A classic white shirt

The classic white shirt is no doubt one of the heavy-hitting pieces when effortless slay is the goal. Regardless of how you choose to rock it, it commands an air of grace and refinement that’s perfect for the warm weather. This season, you can either wear your favorite shirt solo or with pants, skirts, shorts…whatever! The final look is always spot on.

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#2. Stylish sunglasses

While sunglasses offer good protection from the Sun, fashionable women know better than to settle for that benefit alone. This summer wardrobe essential breathes a certain vibe into your ensemble that can’t be easily replicated. If casual is the goal, look to classic aviators. But should you be hungry to make a statement, then turn your attention to power-frames like shields and oversized options.

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#3. A hat

What’s warm weather fashion without a good hat? Nothing interesting. Summer is the perfect excuse to rock that hat that’s been sitting idly in your closet, and not feel out of place. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, you can summon a plethora of options to nail the look. From fedoras to baseball hats, boaters to bucket hats, make your choice and slay without ceasing!

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#4. A maxi dress

Sporting a maxi dress is almost a necessity this summer. It is not only a quick outfit fix, but also commands a regal vibe. For an added effect, throw on a hat and sunglasses. It’s just about the right thing to do.

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#5. Mini skirts

Mini skirts, especially their printed counterparts, are remarkably simple but do not lack attitude. They can be worn with a button-down blouse or a crop top. Also, don’t be afraid to pair it with accessories like a bucket hat and killer heels. We like to term it the ’90s reincarnation.

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#6. Denim shorts

What’s a curation of the best summer outfit essentials without those perfect denim shorts? To keep the season’s vibe on, slide into sandal platforms, denim cut-offs, and the perfect sunglasses. Consider pairing denim overall shorts with a graphic tee to keep things casual.

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#7. Knitwear

These are hot right now and because it’s summer, we are going bold in colorful pairs. While you can totally conjure the magic of two-piece crochet sets that are appropriate for that body flaunting moment, you can also wear single pieces paired with regular pants for an unexpected statement.

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#8. The scarf top

It’s almost impossible to browse through your feed on Instagram and not see the scarf top trend. As we stride into hotter days, that scarf in your closet is the stylish accouterment. Do consider elevating with more accessories if you intend to maximize the edginess of this outfit.

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#9. Cut-out goodness

It’s the season to flaunt some skin magic all over your TL and everywhere your feet tread. One thing about this option is how easily it can switch between chilled and edgy depending on how you wear it. Cut-out outfits look great whether as a sundress or flirty top, just ensure you only show as much skin as you’re comfortable in.

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#10. Loungewear

The typical weekend is a glass of champagne, binge-worthy series, and the perfect loungewear. This is great for an at-home stylish experience and can be styled easily for a quick weekend date, much like Damilola and Morrinah have done.

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#11. Prints

Bubbly weather without prints is like a car without an engine. (Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit). Go hard on prints in every way. Think pants, skirts, dresses, accessories…every single ensemble can do well with a baptism (or sprinkle) of prints.

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#12. Socks

Ironically, it’s not winter but socks are still in. Add that extra spice to your outfit with a pair of artsy socks. They could be sported with sneakers or heels. You choose.

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#13. Co-ords

These sets are effortless and add a chic touch to any look. They come in just about any fabric, style, and color you can envision. Considering how easy it is to style them, one can get too comfortable and may end up with a boring look. Don’t let this be you. Therefore, use accessories to make the look a bit more interesting.

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