10 Of The Best Bond No. 9 For Men To Invest In (Updates 2022) | FashionBeans

10 Of The Best Bond No. 9 For Men To Invest In (Updates 2022) | FashionBeans

Are you striving to make a statement with a one-of-a-kind, quirky yet manly signature scent? Then immerse yourself in the eclectic and enticing world of the Big Apple with the best Bond No. 9 for men.

Each Bond No. 9 fragrance represents an area of NYC; whether uptown, midtown, downtown and Jones beach, the boutique brand offers an eclectic array of scents. Each neighborhood, including Governor’s Island to Wall Street, has their individual scents and comes in the trademark, dramatic star-shaped bottle.

The best Bond No. 9 fragrances for men are anything but conventional. Even 2Chainz, American rapper and songwriter, has a colossal cologne collection that includes Bond No.  9’s Sutton Place and Brooklyn. In fact, he gives the brand a special mention in his song Good Drank rapping, “Bond No. 9 that’s my favorite scent.”

After scouring the world to find which men’s fragrances belong in the olfactory world of fame. I can confirm the best Bond No. 9 for men are worthy winners.

Keep scrolling to discover which ones get our vote for being the best of the best. 


Bottle of Bond No.9 Cologne
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Scent Of Peace Bond no. 9

Notes: Pineapple, juniper berries, bergamot, currant buds, cedar, vetiver | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

The best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men if you’re looking for a signature scent is the brand’s bestseller, The Scent of Peace. Fruity, woody, and aromatic, this cologne is youthful and masculine. On the skin, the fragrance performs well, averaging 7-12 hours of wear.

While it’s not a dupe, The Scent of Peace shares some DNA with Creed Aventus. Both colognes feature pineapple and bergamot top notes with cedar undertones, but The Scent of Peace leans more towards the woody side.

The key difference here, though, is that Creed Aventus is now mainstream, whereas Bond No. 9, The Scent of Peace, remains more niche and exclusive. If you love Creed Aventus but aren’t a fan of the idea of someone recognizing your scent from a mile away, keep them curious with The Scent of Peace.

Layfayette Street Bond No. 9

Notes: Bergamot, flowers, coriander, ambroxan, apple, vanilla, ambergris, tonka bean, woodsy notes | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz 

Let’s be real – the best Bond No. 9 for men isn’t affordable on paper. But let’s think about this another way: You could purchase a few generic, mainstream fragrances for different occasions. Alternatively, you could invest in one high-quality scent that’s versatile and long-lasting.

Choosing a single signature cologne makes Bond No. 9 a more affordable option, and with Bond No. 9 Lafayette Street’s warm vanilla-amber scent with a citrus, floral opening, this could be the signature scent you need. The complex blend of notes means this fragrance can take you from spring to winter and day to night.

Lafayette Street is one of the most accessible offerings in the Bond No. 9 lineup. In our opinion, Lafayette Street is also the safest blind buy on our list.

Sutton Place Bond No. 9

Notes: Cassis, bergamot, tangerine, pink pepper, pineapple, patchouli, jasmine, lily, leather, musk, vanilla, amber | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

Take note if you’re a cologne junkie who loves hunting down unique fragrances. Sutton Place is the best Bond No. 9 for men who don’t mind risk-taking when choosing a scent.

Sutton Place opens with a spicy, citrus blend of cassis, pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine, and pineapple, while the heart of the fragrance features intoxicating patchouli.

In the world of men’s cologne, citrus top notes often pair with a woody or green base. However, Bond No. 9 smashes that stereotype with leather, musk, vanilla, and amber base notes. 

Leather is a love or loathe note, so this scent best suits bold and outgoing alpha males.

Despite its unisex label, we feel the prominent leather, patchouli, and musk place this firmly on the masculine side of the scale.

Manhattan Bond No. 9

Notes: Peach, nutmeg, bergamot, gingerbread, chocolate, plum, honey, jasmine, oud, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, suede | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

Guys, if you’ve ever wanted to smell good enough to eat, let us introduce you to the best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men in wintertime; Manhattan.

The list of notes reads like a dessert ingredient list; nutmeg, gingerbread, chocolate, honey, plum, cinnamon, peach, and vanilla all feature in the blend. The overall effect is a creamy gourmand fragrance with a woody-musky base featuring oud, patchouli, sandalwood, and suede.

This rich, warm, and spicy scent wears best in colder months, with Manhattan is best suited for nighttime wear. It can also be daytime-friendly, provided you go lighter on the spritzes.

Manhattan plays out differently on various skin types. We recommend sampling the fragrance and letting it sit on the skin before adding it to your checkout basket.

Bond No. 9 Bleaker St

Notes: Violet leaf, blueberry, cassis, thyme, cedar, jasmine, cinnamon, oakmoss, suede, patchouli, amber, vanilla, caramel | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz 

When it comes to the perfect cologne for summer, we opt for something light, fruity, and wearable. Bleecker Street is the best Bond No. 9 for men for ticking those boxes.

Bleecker Street opens with violet and berry top notes with hints of fresh thyme. As the cologne settles, cedar, jasmine, and cinnamon notes reveal themselves. The base offers an unexpected but irresistible scent of vanilla, caramel, amber, patchouli, and suede.

This best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men has a firm foot in the gourmand category, which means fragrances with edible-smelling notes.

The pairing of a fruity, green opening that develops into a warm, creamy base makes Bleecker Street unique and intriguing. It’s the perfect scent for guys who prefer to set trends rather than follow them.

Bond No. 9 Tribeca

Notes: Cacao, hazelnut, jasmine sambac, cedar, caramel, ambroxan, moss | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

If you’re splurging on the best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men, it makes sense that you want to opt for a long-lasting scent. After all, the longer the fragrance lingers on the skin, the fewer top-ups you need and the longer your cologne will last – simple.

So, which is the best Bond No. 9 for men for longevity? TriBeCa launched in 2020 as a floriental-gourmand fragrance that is reminiscent of popping the lid off a fresh jar of Nutella. But soon enough, creamy jasmine shines through and dries down to softwood. Most TriBeCa lovers report 7-12+ hours of wear.  

Sensual amber and masculine wood are counter-balanced with soft white florals and topped with edible-smelling cacao and hazelnut. TriBeCa is a unisex fragrance perfect for guys who enjoy challenging gender stereotypes.

Bond No. 9 Chez Bond

Notes: Citrus, sandalwood, grass, violet leaf, tea, vetiver, cedar | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

Everyday fragrances need to be wearable and not too heavy. I favor green or aquatic scents for the daytime and the office, which means Chez Bond is the best Bond No. 9 for men to wear daily.

Chez Bond is green and woody with a hint of citrus and notes that include sandalwood, citrus, grass, tea, violet leaf, vetiver, and cedar. This cologne performs best in Spring and Fall but could also work well as a professional summer scent.

There are some similarities between cult-favorite Creed Green Irish Tweed and Bond No. 9 Chez Bond, so if you’re already a Green Irish Tweed fan, it’s a safe bet you’ll love Chez Bond. Chez Bond still comes out on top because it is more modern, youthful, and wearable while remaining classy.

Bond No. 9 New York Nights

Notes: Gardenia, carnation, jasmine, patchouli, flowers, sandalwood, sea notes, caramel, coffee| Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

Scent has a really big impact on our mood. If you’re suiting up for a special occasion or heading out on a hot date, you want a confidence-boosting cologne.

Bond No. 9 New York Nights is dark, rich, and sensual, sporting gardenia, carnation, jasmine, patchouli, coffee, and caramel paired with unexpected, salty sea notes.

Lovers of New York Nights compare it to salted caramel or a banana milkshake. But, as delicious as that sounds, New York Nights is not an all-out gourmand cologne thanks to the white florals and warm, spicy undertones.

New York Nights is the best Bond No. 9 for men who want a scent that is sexy but still approachable. Be warned, wear this inviting cologne, and you’ll be bombarded with questions about your fragrance.

Bond No. 9 Wall Street

Notes: Cucumber, seaweed, lemon, bitter orange, lavender, pistachio, musk, vetiver, ambergris, caraway, leather, resins | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz 

Wall Street is the best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men who want fresh, aromatic, aquatic accords. Fresh fragrances are one of the most popular categories in the world of men’s colognes.

If you’re new to this type of scent, Wall Street is a great place to start. It balances crisp green notes of cucumber and seaweed with warmer notes of musk, ambergris, and pistachio. The result is a bright, green cologne with depth and substance,  a rarity in this genre.

Seaweed is also a unique note that can be polarizing. Try-before-you-buy is a good game plan to ensure the salty sea notes develop well on your skin.

Light and refreshing, Wall Street is perfect for spring, summer, and daytime wear. We particularly like this scent for work or any occasion where you want to smell sophisticated, clean, and put-together.

Bond no. 9 Governors Island

Notes: Incense, resin, ambroxan, cedar, white musk, vetiver | Size: 1.7oz, 3.4oz

The dense woodlands of Governor’s Island inspired this best Bond No. 9 fragrance for men.

Governor’s Island is the king of woody fragrances. Typically, wood notes are included only in the base of men’s colognes, Bond No. 9 broke boundaries by creating a cologne where wood is the key player in the top, middle, and base layers.

Incense, resin, ambroxan, cedar, white musk, and vetiver create a masculine scent that commands attention. This scent is loud and announces its wearer from a mile away. To pull it off with style, Governor’s Island takes a bold, alpha, and daring male. Put it like this, Governor’s Island is one for the men, not the boys.

Thanks to the tobacco-like smokiness, fall, winter, or nighttime is where Governor’s Island comes into play.

What to Look for When Buying The best Bond No. 9 for Men


They say there’s a scent for every season. When the nights draw in, the best Bond No.9 fragrance for men is Manhattan. Like its namesake, this signature scent is the beating heart of this Big Apple brand. Its dark fruity aromas of plum, seductive chocolate, and warm gingerbread are the perfect embodiment of fall and winter.

For spring and summer, Bond No. 9 Bleeker Street has an earthy, woodsy scent, and just like the designer shopping hot spot in NYC’s West Village, it’s cool, upbeat, and stylish.


Bond No. 9 founder, Laurice Rahme, works with experts worldwide to develop scents for her niche brand that are unique, memorable, and have a strong projection. The best Bond No. 9 fragrances for men will fill the room as soon as you enter it and are sure to get you noticed.

For a scent that screams sexy, envelop yourself and your significant other in the rich and decadent New York Nights which smells good enough to eat. Are you feeling daring and consider yourself a risk taker? Then Bond No. 9 Sutton Place will push the boundaries with its spicy, fresh, leather-infused scent.

How long does it last?

The ingredients and construction of a fragrance, as in its top, middle and base notes, affect its longevity. If you’re looking for long-lasting scents, choose ones that are woody and musky and feature resin ingredients such as amber. These can extend the scent’s power for 8-9 hours.

Another essential factor is the scent’s oil concentration. “Whether a fragrance is an Eau de toilette (EDT), Eau de parfum (EDP) or parfum will help determine the lasting power based on the fragrance oil concentration percentage,” says Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation. “A higher fragrance oil concentrate can help a consumer distinguish how strong and how long-lasting the fragrance will be on their skin.”

It’s easy to boost your cologne’s longevity even further, simply spray it both on your skin and your clothes.

Bottle of Bond No.9
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Final Verdict

Bond No. 9 may be a lesser-known brand, but this makes their fragrances all the more exclusive. Niche signature scents are in and mainstream, cult favorites are on the decline. If you’re new to the best Bond No. 9 fragrances for men, The Scent of Peace is the perfect place to start. It’s a long-wearing scent that’s youthful, masculine, modern, and a representation of the brand’s punchy style.


    • The house of Bond claims to be peacekeepers as well as perfumers. So, it makes perfect ‘scents’ that their best-selling cologne for men is The Scent of Peace. This fruity cologne has a woody base and shares similar notes with cult-classic, Creed Aventus.

      • There are 150 perfumes in the Bond No. 9 fragrance base. Many of the best Bond No.9 fragrances are unisex. With that said, a lot of the unisex fragrances feature classically masculine notes and are primarily worn by men.

        • Bond No. 9 fragrances are bold, with the company’s mission being to recreate the Scents of New York. They aren’t understated or for the wallflower, making them an excellent choice for alpha males who like to smell great. The best No. 9 fragrances for men range from fruity and floral to musky and woody.