10 Black-Owned Shoe Brands with Styles Under $500: SybG,  Jessica Rich, Tejahn Burnett and More!

10 Black-Owned Shoe Brands with Styles Under $500: SybG, Jessica Rich, Tejahn Burnett and More!

You ask, we answer! Crystal from Stockton California writes, “Why don’t none of these black shoe designers make a shoe you can purchase for under $200? I wanna support my black people but damn Gina, I gotta spend $500?”

Here to satisfy your shoe lust and introduce you to some black-owned businesses while we’re at it, Fashion Bomb Daily has just what you need, Crystal! Without further ado, here are 10 black footwear designers worth every dollar spent:


Available at the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop, SybG is a bombshell favorite thanks to their unique and sexy styles at a price point below $200! Sybille Guichard makes luxury affordable.

Get the look: $139 SybG by Sybille Guichard Always Strapped Pewter Gray Sandals

Jessica Rich

Critically acclaimed and known for their vibrant color choices, Jessica Rich is coming to the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop very soon! These shoes are a must-add to your footwear collection.

Get the look: $275 Jessica Rich Platform Sandal

Salone Monet

For every complexion, warm, cool or neutral, Salone Monet specialized in nude footwear options at a cost you can’t beat.

Get the look: $295 Salone Monet Sable Paul

Brother Vellies

Toronto-born designer Aurora James created Brother Vellies as a sustainable shoe label rooted in traditional African design practices! They offer everything from sneakers to high heels, mules, boots, flats and more all at varying prices.

Get the look: $315 Brother Veilles Jogger in Negril

Sunni Sunni 

Sunni Sunni is a high-end mens footwear line that combines the old with the new! Currently, they’re offering their staple Lonel Heeled Square Toe Mule in black and brown now for $451 – a deal you won’t want to miss!

Get the look: $451 Sunni Sunni Lonel Heeled Square Toe Mule

Tejahn Burnett 

This designer started a trend that was reproduced and replicated by some of the biggest brands mere moments after her shoe went live for sale! Tejahn Burnett is without a doubt another brand to quench your footwear fetish.

Get the look: $215 Tejhan Burnett Simijah Lilac

By Dose

Simplicity at its finest is done with the right dose of opulence! By Dose does exactly that and good price as well.

Get the Look: $230 By Dose Mid Aurum Knotted 100mm Thong Sandals

Sully & Son Co.

This one is for the fellas, but also for the kids! Sully & Son Co. are Toronto-based and focus on minimalist sneaker fashion, whether high or low-top, in monochrome colorways.

Get the look: $190 Sully & Son Co. Legacy Low in Orange

House of Hayla

Hailing from Toronto as well, House of Hayla is your go-to for the latest Pantone colored stilettos for all your wardrobe needs!

Get the look: $140 House of Hayla Mono Stiletto Pumps

Arch NYC

Arch NYW is for the funky, the wild and free! Be bold in a pair of their fuzzy mules, slippers, or multi-coloured heels.

Get the look: $160 Arch Moscow Mule

Would you splurge?

Main Image: Tejahn Burnett